For the Greater Goud!

Canadian Judges are a big proud family. No matter where we go, we try to make it a little more like home.Indeed, somewhere along the way, we started turning judge tournaments into our homes. We Canadians have been able to trick our judging compatriots into thinking that we’re kind and gentle all the while claiming tournaments the world over in the name of our illustrious RC. As part of this tradition, Canadian judges gather for a group photo at events and plant our Maple Leaf–and we won’t stop until all locales have been claimed in the name of WORLD DOMINATION–Er…rather, “For the Greater Goud” of all judge-kind.

“The Greater Goud!” map, linked below, catalogues the adventures of our intrepid explorers in visual form.

If you’d like to stake your claim to an event near you, send us a photo of Canadian Judges in action, with the event name and date to, or share them with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the #GreaterGoud hashtag!

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