Dying To Know More About Graveyards

The following document contains information originally provided by Aaron Hopkins.

A graveyard is a single face up pile of cards. Graveyard order only matters in formats that have cards that involve graveyard order legal.

The graveyard can be more than a “pile of cards.” IE, decks like dredge that spread them out, but keep the proper order.

Abilities from Graveyards

  • Delve: Future sight ability, reduce the cost of cards by removing cards in graveyard – Tombstalker.
  • Dredge: Printed first in Ravnica block. Replacement affect, while card is in the graveyard. As long as you have X cards in your library, you may put X number of cards from your library into your graveyard and “put that card in your hand instead.” (Not actually drawing)
  • Flashback: follows the rules of paying alternate cost. If it would go anywhere from the stack, it always gets exiled.
  • Recover: When a creature goes to the graveyard, you can pay X mana to have the card go to your hand from your graveyard.
  • Retrace: Does not exile cards from graveyard, unlike flashblack. You may pay the spells mana cost while in the graveyard with the additional cost of discarding a land.
  • Soulshift: When the creature is put into the graveyard from the battlefield you may return a spirit creature card with converted mana cost X or less form your graveyard to play.
  • Unearth: “flashback for creatures.” Exiles the creature if it would go anywhere but the exile the zone. Tricky with momentary blink. It is an activated ability, can be stopped by cards like Pithing needle. Sorcery speed only.
  • Threshold: When you have 7 cards or more in your graveyard you have “Threshold.”

Triggers from Graveyards

Graveyard in eternal formats – tricky interactions

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