Accepted! The Killer App

The following Video and Document contains information originally provided by Nicholas Sabin

Accepted! The Killer App video starts at 0:02:45.


  1. Who I Am
  2. What I Want To Tell You
  3. Why This Is Important:
    • Get more experience.
    • Have more fun.
    • It’s not just a good ol’ boy’s club

The State of Large Event Staffing

  1. Pro Tour
    • Mostly Level 3
    • Not closed off to Level 2s
    • No Level 1s on staff
  2. Grand Prix
    • Mostly Level 2+
    • Not closed off to Level 1s
  3. SCG Open Series
    • Many, many more.
    • We want to accept everybody …
      • But we just can’t.

Some Staffing Basics …

  1. Player: Judge Ratio
    • 25 : 1 for SCG Opens
    • 30-40 : 1 industry standard
  2. Judge Level does not equal Acceptance
    • But here’s why they’re relevant …
      • We need a certain # of Team Lead-quality judges
  3. Sponsorships
    • Asking for sponsorships doesn’t guarantee you’ll be declined
    • Not asking for sponsorships doesn’t guarantee you’ll be accepted
    • Ultimately, my job is to put together the best staff I can for each show.
      • Judge quality
      • Cost
      • Benefit to the judge / benefit to the program

When you’re applying …

  1. Pay attention!
    • Provide all requested information.
    • Clear and concise is good (and appreciated!)
      • Judge Coordinators have a ton of applications to read. Make yours easy.
  2. Sell yourself.
    • Why should you be on staff?
    • What large shows have you done?
    • Who do you work with?
      • Regional Coordinator
      • Senior Judges
    • Who would recommend you?
    • Are you seeking advancement?
  3. Leave good contact information.

Boosting Your Reputation

  1. Networking
    • Get Recommendations
      • Regional Coordinator
      • Senior Judges
      • Tournament Organizers
    • When at shows, talk to people.
      • Introduce yourself to the TO
      • Introduce yourself to the staffing coordinator
  2. Things you should do:
    • DO show up on time, if not early.
    • DO be proactive about finding ways to help.
    • DO be polite and friendly.
    • DO honor your commitments
    • DO stay ’til the event is over, if not later
      • Staying through load-out gets you huge brownie points
  3. Things you should avoid:
    • DON’T be late.
      • … but, if you are going to be late, call ahead.
    • DON’T no-show
      • … but, if you have to cancel, give as much advance notice as possible.
    • DON’T be rude to staff or players
      • … but everybody has a bad day. Apologize, get over it, move on.
    • DON’T duck out early.
      • … but life happens.
  4. After the event …
    • A quick “thank you” e-mail doesn’t hurt
    • Write reviews
    • Ask when you can work again


  1. Sometimes, you won’t get accepted
    • It isn’t personal. Promise
    • Acceptance rate for GP SLC was < 50%
  2. Ask if there was a reason why you weren’t accepted.
    • Sometimes, it’s just a matter of getting new people involved.
    • Sometimes, it’s something you need to improve.
      • Be open to the prospect of improvement.