How to Get Accepted and What to Do When You Don’t

The following Document contains information originally provided by Aaron Stickney.

Choosing an Event
Choose something that you CAN get on staff for.
– GPs: L2+, some exemplary L1s who are ready for L2.
– PTs: L3+


Make a name for yourself.
– If no one knows who you are or what you’ve done then how can they depend on you?

Prove you should be at the event you are applying for by doing well at smaller events.
– Work PreReleases, GPTs, PTQs.

Work with a higher level Judge on getting to where you want to be.
– If you can impress this person, then you have a major ally in getting into bigger events!

There can be more than one.

Talk to your RC.
– Your RC is there for you. Let them know what you have been working on.
– RCs have great sway in staff selection for larger events.


Answer the questions they want answered!

Use proper English, write actual sentences.
– Convey that you are an intelligent, thinking person.

Extra information can’t hurt you (well, unless you write a book)
– Let them know who you are working with, and who can give you a good reference.
– Let them know what events you have worked, and how much experience you have.

You didn’t get Accepted. What now?

Not everyone who applies can be accepted. There are just too many applicants.

Things not to do:
– Don’t go on a public forum and rail against the organizer for not selecting you. It will hurt your image and make it less likely to get accepted next time.
– Don’t get discouraged.

Things to do:
– Write an email to the Judge manager and thank them for their consideration. Let them know that you still hope to work with them in the future.
– Start the process over again. Each time you go through the process, you build upon what you did last time.