Wiedereinführung der Sphären

Here in the Judge program there is a lot to do. Many people dedicate their time and energy to improve it and to organize it is a big task.

A few months before we did a survey on ongoing projects. A big thank you to the over a hundred people who have taken the time to show us what is happening in the program. We have taken this information and divided it into rough areas that are of particular importance to the Judge program. We then asked well-known leaders in each of these areas whether they would be responsible for this part of the program. Within their sphere, they are seized by making decisions about the strategic direction, facilitating participation, helping projects with difficulties, and recognizing great achievements.

After a long discussion we decided to call these spheres spheres. We know the name carries a lot with it, but have also realized that, despite all this, it will very likely be used for this. These are not the usual spheres since they were introduced from the opposite side. Instead of choosing a person and finding a task for it, we have determined what needs to be done and selected the right people for it. The conductors are regularly checked to make sure everything works.

Obviously not everything can be grasped with a schema. Some projects will depend on cooperation between several spheres. A few projects do not fit into a particular sphere and are managed directly by the program coordinators. But first and foremost, this group will be your first stop for many of the daily routines of the Judge Program. Please do not hesitate to contact them – whether you have a great idea, want to offer help or need help.

  • Conferences: Damian Hiller [/ judge]
  • Education: Ben McDole [/ judge]
  • Copy: Bryan Prillaman [/ judge]
  • Grand Prix Operations: Kevin Desprez [/ judge]
  • Judge Conduct: Johanna Virtanen [/ judge]
  • Level 1 and Level 2: Alfonso Bueno [/ judge]
  • Level 3 Test: Daniel Kitachewsky [/ judge]
  • Players Investigations: Johanna Virtanen [/ judge]
  • Social media and web platforms: David de la Iglesia [/ judge]
  • Technology: Jason Lemahieu [/ judge]
  • Tournament Policy: Toby Elliott [/ judge]
  • Translations: Juan del Compare [/ judge]