Spring 2017 Program Coordinator Application Open

We’re excited to announce that Program Coordinator applications are now open.

The Program Coordinator description is on the Official Resources and is an opportunity for any L3 who wishes to apply. It’s a very communication-heavy role; you’ll be sending a lot of email and doing a lot of writing.

The committee who will be evaluating the PC applications consists of the Program Coordinators continuing their term (Sean Catanese, Kevin Desprez and Alfonso Bueno), a representative chosen by the Regional Coordinators, a representative chosen by the Grand Prix Head Judges, and two at-large selections.

The application itself is simple; just two questions! However, we expect answers of a page or two on each, showing in-depth understanding of the questions posed. There may be individually-tailored followup questions. The application can be found here.

The deadline for application is February 28th. Final selection of the new PC will be announced on April 1st. We look forward to reading the applications!