Program Coordinator Travel Diaries – Chapter #1


Written by Riccardo Tessitori
Level 3 (PC), Italy

Written by Riccardo Tessitori
Level 3 (PC), Italy

Dear judges,
the Program Coordinators wish to offer you more information about their activities, their efforts, and their results. The “Status of the Judge Program” will take the shape of a quarterly series of articles and will keep its formal and informative style. Here you have what we call the “Travel Diaries”, intended to be a monthly series of notes about what we have been working on recently, with a glimpse of their plan for the coming months. The style is very different, it’s very informal and it tells… about the voyage of a ship? With pictures of pirates? A real Ixalan story!

Ahoy, treasure hunters! Congratulations, you found one the legendary travel diaries that belonged to the Program Coordinators.

Secrets and wisdom will be found in its pages, and enlightened people will be able to decipher the strange, scribbled sentences. Pages have been torn off and others are half ripped, but it appears that some sentences are still readable. If you are brave, and succeed in getting back home alive, let the world know about your discovery!

October – November 2017, setting sail on a new journey
Finally, the ship is ready, its sails are strong, and the crew is about to arrive. Fifteen long years of preparation, many trials, many attempts, and now it’s time for this life=changing journey. Let the winds blow strong and help us safely reach the shores of…

New PC selection and announcement:
October 3rd: Selection communicated.
October 5th: Selection process discussed.
October 17th: Assignment received officially.
October 17th: Selection results published.
Note: Government ambassadors may be ambushed along the way; when planning the next journey, add two weeks to take bureaucracy into account, to avoid delay.

JCC updates:
October 17th – October 22nd: JCC lead selection.
October 19th – October 25th: Discussion about direction of the JCC.
October 25th: Communication to the new JCC Lead.
November 2nd – November 7th: Comments on the draft of the article about the JCC.
November 7th – November 8th: Comments on the draft of the announcement of the 2018 JCC selection.
Note: loved the article about the common myths, great job Johanna, good luck Cristiana, inclusiveness first!

JudgeApps, Judge Center, and Exams:
..Oct…tool…JudgeApps…nks Paul…Dan…
October 18th: RCs informed about the creation of the exam tool in JudgeApps.
October 19th: Contacted Judge Center test leads about the creation of tests in JudgeApps.
October 20th: Prepared mail for L3 forum, informed content leads.
October 25th: Public announcement.
November 9th: Judge Exams content project.
Note: great effort, what a group of passionate and skilled people, content coming soon.

Requests for feedback to each L3 judge: 2018 focus:
October 27th – November 2nd: Draft of the message to the L3s.
November 6th: First message to the L3s (focus for 2018).
November 14th: Reminder sent to L3s.
November 14th: Collection and first analysis of the first 57 items recommended by 24 judges.
Note: prepare one every month, teamwork is important, listening to different opinions is the key!

PCs and Sphere Leaders Nominations:
October 24th: Request previous sphere nominations.
November 6th: Collection of data from the past PC and sphere waves.
November 7th: Request to JudgeApps team to have the PC and sphere nominations visible to both PCs and Sphere Leads (past nominations) and recipients.
November 14th: First draft of PC nominations.
Note: make it public, make it known, let’s give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar!

PC and Sphere recognitions re-allocation:
October 24th: Analysis started.
November 6th: Collection of data from the past PC+sphere recognition waves.
November 10th: First draft of PC/spheres recognitions reallocation.
November 14th: Second draft of PC/spheres recognitions reallocation.
Note: update Project Chart, ask for strategic information to sphere leaders, align sphere/project efforts to vision. How many precious and hidden projects are out there? I need to discover them all!

L3 maintenance and evaluation:
November 7th: Conversation about a maintenance/demotion process on the shared PC and RC mailing list.
November 8th: Conversation with CJ Crooks about the results of the “L3 maintenance” poll; plan of future structure of the projects and messages on the L3 forum.
November 9th – November 14th: First draft of the L3 demotion process.
November 9th – November 10th: Creation of the L3 maintenance and L3 evaluation projects.
November 13th – November 14th: Direction and clarifications to members about the L3 maintenance/evaluations/demotion projects.
Note: goal is to offer a training system, not added bureaucracy, not fear of demotion.

PC selection process:
October 9th – October 17th: PC selection process evaluation.
October 17th: Draft of PC selection announcement.
October 18th – October 21st: Draft of message to L3s about PC selection process.
October 24th – October 25th: First draft of the changes to the PC selection process (PCs only).
October 27th – November 4th: Shared PC/RC mailing list brainstorming.
November 2nd – November 3rd: Comments about the changes to the PC selection process (PC/RC mailing list).
November 7th – November 14th: Second draft of the changes to the PC selection process (PCs and other selection process leads).
November 8th – November 14th: Conversations about the division of tasks among PCs.
Note: need more pirates, need good pirates!

…and here ends the first chapter of the travel diary. There were fragments of other pages, where we could only identify half sentences like “Committees: workload and diversity”, “L2 RC and access to L3 forums”, “PC recognitions Q4 2017 at GPs”, “surveys with judges about inclusivity” and “Re-evaluation of the level system”, but the rest of these pages was burnt.

One last page has a big compass and, on its four directions, these sentences with question marks:
“Selection process?”
“Maintenance and evaluation?”

Do they indicate the route the PC ship will be taking in the next month? Find out in the next issue of PC Travel Diaries!