Announcing: Application for Legacy Program Coordinator

Hello Judges,

By now you have had an opportunity to read the various announcements from last week where Judge Academy (JA) was announced as a new Magic Judge Certification body.  This company manage certifications, conferences as well as support community activities in areas that are supported by JA. However not all regions will be supported on Oct 1st, and the Legacy Program still needs to serve those regions until they are supported.

The Legacy Judge Program will exist in countries not covered by Judge Academy, and only until JA starts covering that country. Additionally, it will manage some of the global resources shared by the international Judge Community. Its goal is maintaining the levels structure in non-covered regions: certification and maintenance. It will be run by volunteers.

To that end, we are creating a new position, the Legacy Program Coordinator (LPC).  The LPC is a volunteer role that will serve as the de facto head of the Legacy Judge Program.  They, aided by a small board of advisors, will be tasked with overseeing the operation and eventual sunset of the Legacy Judge Program.  LPCs will have decision making authority when guidance is sought/requested, and will be responsible for making sure that major legacy functions continue as best they can, and work with other volunteers to modify those functions when they cannot.

To accomplish this, we are opening up applications for both a LPC select committee and the LPC role itself.

LPC Selection committee

We are looking for Level 3 judges or L2 Judges that have held an Advanced Role in the last 12 months to join the selection committee. We are hoping to form a diverse group of judges who have good knowledge of the judge program, its members and its values. However, if we have more applicants than we reasonably have on a selection committee, we will favor judges from non-supported regions.  If you are interested in contributing, please send an e-mail to by August 12th. Selection committee members will be confirmed soon afterwards.

Selection committee members are expected to be available to discuss and evaluate applications between August 14th and August 21st.

Update: LPC Selection Committee
       Alfonso Bueno (Spain)

       Bryan Prillaman (USA)
       Johanna Virtanen (Finland)
       Julio Sosa (Argentina)
       Nathan Brewer (Australia)
       Riccardo Tessitori (Italy) Withdrawn
       Yu Win Yew(Malaysia)

Legacy Program Coordinator Selection Process

Eligible for Application:  Any L3 or L2. Judges with previous suspensions by the Judge Conduct Committee are ineligible.
Role Expiration:  When Judge Academy has ceased expanding into unsupported Regions.
Replacement: Board determines replacement method. Board can also determine early termination of the LPC role.
Application Process: If you want to apply for the role of Legacy Program Coordinator, send a message to with the subject “LPC application – YOUR NAME” before Wednesday, August 14th 23:59 PST.

In your message, include the following questions (and your answers):

  1. “Why should you be a Legacy Program Coordinator? Please list your past accomplishments related to the judge program that you believe have prepared you for this role.
  2. Discuss the pros and cons of at least two substantially different ways of handling testing and level maintenance in the Legacy Program. Consider both long and short term consequences. After discussing the different methods, present your preferred method and explain why.
  3. What would you consider success criteria for this role, and how would you know if you achieved success?
  4. In the Legacy Judge Program, there will no longer be a JCC.  What is your recommended alternative to disallowing bad actors to continue in the Judge Program.
  5. Only answer this question if you currently hold any contracts with Judge Academy or CFBE, or hope to obtain one in the future (for example, you wish to apply as a JA Community Manager when your region is supported): Please explain potential conflicts of interest between your contracted position and the Legacy Program Coordinator and how you would address them.
  6. Only answer this question if you are currently in a region that will be supported by JA on October 1st:  Please explain why you are a more appropriate choice than someone in an unsupported region.  

Due to the rapid nature of this selection process, there will not be a formal Stage 1/Stage 2 selection.  If specific questions arise from your application, they will be asked, and your answers considered as part of the application.

The names of the applicants will be published after the application window has closed on August 15th. Anyone will be able to send any significant information about the candidates sending a mail to (before sending any message, we encourage you to check with your Regional Coordinator if your message is appropriate and significant).

Update: LPC Applicants
       Adrian Estoup (Argentina)
       Anastacia Tomson (South Africa)
       CJ Crooks (USA) Withdrawn
       Mark Brown (Australia)

The Legacy Program Coordinator will be announced on Aug. 24th, and will work with the PCs to finish constructing the plan for the execution of the Legacy Judge Program.