Judge Makes the Card

Who here hasn’t designed at least one card? Some of you probably have a whole set stashed away in a file or maybe printed out for playtesting. Dustin de Leeuw decided to challenge his team to a Make a Card contest every time he leads a team at a Grand Prix.

Not a man to take half measures, Dustin really takes this to the next level in several ways. First he picks a theme for the card to be tied with the event or current set. My favorite has to be Arch of Triumph from GP Paris 2015. Second, he provides the “contestants” printed templates with name, type, picture – giving more inspiration to the designers. Finally, there’s a review of the cards and a small award ceremony during the team’s main break.

Because pictures are worth a thousand words and Dustin was kind enough to share them with us, here’s some examples of previous entries.arch

UrDragon KrenkoCommand MarduBattlemage UnionJackShyDragonspawn

Dustin also included the original mse files used to create these.

 The first time I heard of this (being on Dustin’s team), I thought it was campy, but I went along with it. Now, I always check, if Dustin is on staff and I join in the fun. So when will we see From the Vault: Dustin’s Picks?

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