One in Ten (or Was That Fifteen)

One in Ten is a very popular (over 20 years on the air!) Polish TV game show based on the British format Fifteen to One (only five, ha!). It was adopted as judge trivia “game show” for the Polish judge conferences by Krzysiek “Szeszej” Ciesielka and Łukasz Bylica.


Players assemble into team, originally each player plays for themselves, but due to the demand we actually upped team size from 2 to 3 this year. Each team starts with three life. A team which answers a question correctly, chooses which team is next to answer a question. A wrong answer means you lose a life and control stays with the previous team. (At the beginning of the game, teams are chosen randomly until one answers correctly).

Once the field is whittled down to three teams, we shift to the finals. Life is restored back to three and the game is restarted, this time until only one team remains.

For this year’s edition, I suggested that the author’s add a Magic twist – add special effects. The way Krzysiek and Łukasz implemented it was thus – some question were premium and if you answered a more complicated version, you got a card that you could play. For example:

  • Angel’s Grace – If you would lose the game, you get another question instead.
  • Serum Vision – You get your choice between two questions.
  • Healing Salve – Gain 1 life or prevent 1 damage.

How Did It Play?

Did you miss the part about increasing the team size due to demand? I think we doubled the number of players (larger number of bigger teams). Judges will be judges, so we argued about the rules J There were two points of contention – should players know that a premium question is up before choosing a new target (in the original, you can chose yourself due to scoring rules) and whether the additional cards are needed.

My opinion is that yes, you should know and that the cards are useful.

Sample Questions

Name two (or four – premium question) characters that appear both as a creature and a Planeswalker. [Note: This was before Origins]

Old Phyrexia was made out of how many spheres?

Which card generates „infinite” mana with Worldgorger Dragon?

Which set was the first to indicate rarity on the expansion symbol?

Which of the five Mirrodin Swords has an effect that changes a card’s zone?

I’ll leave the answers to the reader 🙂

If you’d like to use this format and would like all the bonus cards and more questions, feel free to contact Krzysiek and Łukasz.

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