Judge Letter @ GP Vancouver

Just got the most excellent email from my friend and regular contributor Dustin:

Result Slip Game RulesI left two copies of the game in the judge room, and multiple people have played the game. Because of logistical reasons, I never had a full team break, so no opportunity to play it during my own food break.

People liked the game: for new players, the rules are easy enough to understand within 1 minute. For experienced players, the flavor is immediately clear and they like the added personal touch. Fun conversations were had: Are you Kevin  Desprez? I’m Rick and I’ll take a break for a round. The people featured in the game liked it a lot, too, so I will make a new version for GP Bologna for sure!

Pro tip: print the cards in full color, then put them together with a magic card in a sleeve (glue is optional, I did not use it and it worked fine). Use a different color of sleeves for the rules cards than you use for the character cards!

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