Token Hunting

Today I present a guest article by Emmanuel Leal. If you have a game you’d like featured, feel free to contact me. 

“Token Hunting”, is Judge game created by Martin Chaves Murillo (L2 Costa Rica), and revised by Emmanuel Leal, aimed to improve team relationship, and educate judges.

Ground Rules

  • The game can be played by all the judges at the event or limited to a single tournament or team (e.g. Paper team).
  • The game ends when the top8 starts to play, unless announced otherwise.
  • Typically the prizes of the game come from the game organizer and is supposed to be something symbolic, not of high retail value (e.g. a signed foil or some stampered packs).
  • It is possible to be have than one Token in the same event.
  • The Token holder can also be called “The King of the Hill”.
  • Head Judges are allowed to play.
  • NON-Judge staff is not allowed to play.
  • The Token needs to be something unique, (e.g. a signed token/card) so it can be replaced, and avoid adding extra along the game.
  • The questions can be as hard or as easy as you want, but need to be related to judging.
  • No outsourcing or help of any kind to answer a question (other than the Oracle).

How to Play

1.- You approach to a judge and ask “Do you have the token? ”
2.- They will answer with a question (Policy, scenario,rules, etc, judge related stuff )
3.- If you get the right answer and that person has the token you take it from them
4.- If somebody asks you and you don’t have the token, don’t tell them, just pose a question
4.1.- If that person’s gets the right answer hand them the token, If they get it wrong, you don’t need to inform them whether you have it
5.-If you pose the question to a judge, who doesn’t know what you are talking about, explain the rules, so they join the fun
6.- If you are the King of the Hill and you need to leave *for whatever reason* just hand\ the token to whoever you want
7.- If you are the King of the Hill, you can still ask other for the token
7.1 If you were going to get a second token, reveal both of them, each judge keeps their own token
8.-Every judge can ask token holder up to two times per round

Good Luck and Good Hunting!

Variant Rules

1.- Everyone who gets the token during the game signs their name on it.
2.- Judges should write the time they gain control of the token. The one who with the longest possession wins.
3.-If you are the King of the Hill – someone ask you for the token, and you can;t think of a question within a reasonable time frame, you lose the token.
4.- Allowing a collection of prepared questions in your judge notebook.

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