A Latecomer to the Breakfast Club

You are the head judge of a PPTQ and entering into the final round when floor judge Emily approaches you with an appeal. Emily has issued a game loss for Tardiness to Harley. Harley says that they was not in their seat at the start of the round, as they had gone off site with friends for breakfast. Harley protests, “but you announced the last round would end at 5:05, and I was back before that!”
What do you do?
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Return to the table and explain to Harley and their opponent… “… I’m overturning the floor judge’s ruling because while Harley was late for the beginning of the round, we don’t give game losses so long as you’re at your table before the previous round should have ended. It looks like we’re still well ahead of schedule, so let’s get y’all on your way, and get you a time extension so you get the full 50 minutes for the round”