What is The Knowledge Pool?

The Knowledge Pool is a new project aimed at creating topics for discussing policy of Magic the Gathering.

We will be creating and posting scenarios regularly to provide you all with more opportunities to discuss, learn and enjoy!

What are our goals?

Education, discussion, and inclusiveness.

This project is a way of getting new judges to participate more, putting emphasis on education. We want to encourage discussion as a training method and we want everyone to have the chance to participate.

These scenarios will provide a constant flow of people participating on the list giving their opinions on policy scenarios and other topics. We are constantly welcoming judges into our ranks, and with the new level redefinitions it is essential to educate, much more than before.

This project is a way to get our new L1s – with no MIPG knowledge – to start learning it and how they can apply the philosophies at any event. We want to engage not only existing judges, but also encourage new L1s to participate, no matter their experience.

How complex will be the scenarios?

Variety is good, we will work on scenarios of different levels of complexity, and to differentiate these complexity levels we will be tagging the scenarios as:

  • Bronze: These will be straight forward examples of the policy. These scenarios will be aimed at L1s to answer, everyone is welcome to participate, but have in mind that Bronze scenarios will be engineered so they benefit L1s the most.
  • Silver: Interactions that require a more detailed knowledge of the policy. These will be aimed at L1s and L2s, but again everyone is welcome to participate.
  • Gold: Scenarios that require interpretation of the policy. Everyone join in! Gold scenarios will be trickier and will help everyone understand why policy is written the way it is.

While everyone is welcome to participate each scenario may ask for judges of certain levels to hold their responses for a certain number of days, so to encourage judges of lower levels to participate more. Please make sure to wait as required per your level for the requested time before participating.

A little protocol

Please don’t add tweaks to the scenarios, try to stay on topic, don’t add “what ifs” or throw wrenches into the scenarios. Your local community or events is a great place to expand on situations presented in The Knowledge Pool.

We hope you all enjoy this project as much as we are doing, welcome to The Knowledge Pool!