Building your own Tomb

Albus and Norbert are playing Modern in the semifinals of an RPTQ you’re judging. Norbert goes first, playing a Verdant Catacombs. Albus draws and plays a tapped Celestial Colonnade. At the and of Albus’s turn, Norbert sacrifices the Verdant Catacombs. He looks through his deck twice, then calls you over because his singleton Overgrown Tomb is missing, making his current deck only 59 cards. He ends up finding it under his chair. What do you do?


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Norbert receives a Warning for Deck Problem. The missing card wasn’t discovered during the presentation period, nor was it about to be revealed to an opponent. Return the Overgrown Tomb to Norbert’s deck, and then he completes resolving Verdant Catacombs’ ability. Notably, he can find the Overgrown Tomb.