Broken Oath

Annie is playing against Nick at a Modern PPTQ. Annie plays Oath of Nissa, it resolves, and she picks up the top 3 cards of her library and thinks for a few seconds. Finally, she says “I’ll take the creature,” and puts one card into her hand and the rest on the bottom of her library.

Norman stops Annie and says, “You should have revealed that card. Judge!”

When you get to the table, they tell you what happened, and Annie shows you her hand with a Scavenging Ooze and a Pithing Needle, and tells you she picked the Ooze with the Oath ability.

What do you do?

Annie receives a Warning for Hidden Card Error. Have Annie reveal her hand, and Nick chooses a card, treat that card as the ‘revealed’ card. Return the card to the previous set, which is now that card plus the bottom two cards of Annie’s library. Annie repeats the action, choosing a creature, land or planeswalker from among the three cards if possible, revealing it and putting it into her hand.


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