You’re the head judge of a local modern PPTQ. At the end of Ned’s turn Alfie casts Vendilion Clique, targeting Ned with the triggered ability, it resolves and Alfie chooses to have Ned discard Lightning Bolt. On Alfie’s turn in his pre-combat main phase he casts another Vendilion Clique, again targeting Ned with the triggered ability. The Clique’s ability resolves, and Ned chooses to have Alfie discard Boros Charm. Ned reminds Alfie that the Clique is legendary, and as Alfie is putting his one of his Cliques in his graveyard, he rereads it and realizes that Ned didn’t draw a card from either trigger. Alfie calls for a judge and tells you that Ned has been Clique’d twice and he discarded the card both times and didn’t draw any cards.

What do you do?

Both players Receive a Warning for Game Rules Violation. Ned incorrectly put the chosen cards for the Vendilion Clique into the wrong place, and Alfie both didn’t correct that, and didn’t have Ned draw cards. Apply four total partial fixes, putting the Lightning Bolt then Boros Charm on the bottom of Ned’s library, then have Ned draw two cards. The game continues in Alfie’s main phase.


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