Stolen Breath

Agustin is playing against Neal at a Legacy Grand Prix. Agustin controls Breathstealer’s Crypt, and each player has three cards in hand. Neal untaps and draws for his turn, and immediately passes. Agustin untaps and draws, then Neal notices that they each forgot to reveal the last card they drew for Breathstealer’s Crypt, and calls for a judge. What do you do?

Agustin receives a Warning for Hidden Card Error. Neal receives a Warning for Game Rule Violation. Don’t back up the game to Neal’s turn, but do apply the Hidden Card Error fix to Agustin’s hand by revealing it, having Neal choose a card that should have been revealed for Breathstealer’s Crypt. Then if the chosen card is a creature, Agustin chooses to pay 3 life or discard that card.

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