Who are we?

Hi! We’re a group of Magic judges who have decided to collaborate to discuss issues of diversity and inclusiveness. More specifically, here’s who we are:

Project Manager: Jeremie Granat, L3, Bern, Switzerland

Jeremie Granat, L3, Bern, Switzerland

My name is Jeremie Granat, and I’m an L3 Frenchman living in the German part of Switzerland. If you ask in my region (German Speaking Countries), I’m probably too French for most and if you ask in the French region, most would say too German for them 😀

I am in almost every majority group there is (male, cis, white, etc).In the past, I’ve had problems understanding issues of diversity until I discussed it with people that were actually living it every day. During those discussions, I became aware that the biggest problem was not a question of communication but a question of understanding.

My goal for me personally in this project is to see it take off and have an actual output of articles that are read and commented on.

Assistant Project Manager: Raoul Mowatt, L2, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Raoul Mowatt, L2, Chicago, Illinois, USA

I’m Raoul Mowatt, an L2 from Chicago, Illinois, USA.  I’m African-American (one of about a half-dozen African-American L2s at a guess), a heterosexual male (we have lots of those), and closer to 50 than 40 (not all that common among active judges).

I am looking forward to helping out with the project because I consider diversity an important issue, and it’s one that has been less discussed than it should be.

Contributor: Antonio Zanutto, L2, Campinas, Brazil

Antonio Zanutto, L2, Campinas, Brazil

I am a Level 2 judge from Campinas, Brazil. I lead a Judges for Diversity group and I do a lot of writing on the Brazilian judge blog. I identify as white, male, and cis.

I believe the purpose of this project is to make articles that are interesting and accessible to a large audience, and I hope we do our best! 🙂

Other Members of The Multiverse Project

Katie Bishop, L1, Astoria, New York, United States

Julie Bouchonville, L2, Saint-André-les-Lille, France

Felix Ramon Capule III, L1, San Pedro, Philippines

Linda Detwiler, L1, Hopkinsville, Kentucky, United States

Violet Edgar, L2, Sindelfingen, Germany

Elise Franchi, L0, Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Vuk Gavrilović, L2, Rome, Italy

Isa Grieb, L2, Bern, Switzerland

Enda Murcia, L2, Monterrey, Mexico

Riva Arecol – Nathan Rich, L2, Willington, Connecticut, United States

Torrance PeLong, L1, Muskegon, Michigan, United States

Helquer Sales, L1, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Riccardo Tessitori, L3, Latina, Italy

Charles-Henri Turpin, L2, Saint-André-les-Lille, France

Alexandra Yang, L1

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