Exemplar Wave 5 Highlights – Introduction

Hello everyone!

Last week, Wave 5 of the Exemplar program’s recognitions were posted. These recognitions cover Spring 2016. We’re very proud to see 209 recognitions of Northeast judges, including 31 of our judges who were nominated for the first time. You can visit our recognitions page to see everything that was said about the great judges in our region, and visit JudgeApps to get your recognitions in for Wave 6 today!

Now that we’ve all had a chance to review those nominations, the Area Reps wanted to take a few weeks to call attention to some great recognitions about great people in our region. You’ll be able to find the full series under this tag and at the Northeast US Magic Judges Facebook group.

This is going to be formatted a little bit differently than the previous waves. We’ve reviewed some of the best nominations of this wave and categorized them based on what they were for. Each article will share a few variations on nominations for that skill or area of work. We will also call attention, as they come up, to judges who were nominated for the very first time. We hope that this will help show the great things our judges do, inspire us to emulate them, and give us ideas on what behavior to watch for in future Exemplar waves.

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