Exemplar Wave 5 Highlights – Logistics and Tournament Operations

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our series of highlighted exemplar recognitions. See our introduction post for all the details, or view all the posts in this series. This article was written by Central Pennsylvania Area Rep Jacob Kriner.

A significant part of what we do within the judge program is run events. How well we do this is very visible to our audience. The following recognitions demonstrate different ways we can strive towards better Logistics and Tournament Operations. We see recognitions for everything from a prerelease to a GP, showing that judges of all experience and activity levels can shine in this area.

At SCG Philly, you went from being rather unsure of what was going on to nailing EOR by the end of the day. Your dedication to your task and your ability to quickly adapt and integrate new information is truly exemplary. Great job. 🙂

At many events, we get to experience new roles in tournament operations. As Joe noticed, a great characteristic in a judge is the ability to understand your role at the event and to adapt to perform that role in an efficient manner. Eddie’s first Exemplar rec also comes from his first large event – and learning something as complex as End of Round and becoming successful with it within one day is remarkable.

Katie, you did fantastic work in DC. You noticed a few problems that fell well outside of what judges typically have to deal with. You then handled them in a fantastic and professional way. Your vigilance made the event a lot better for the TO, the vendors, and also the players in the ODE area. I look forward to us working together again, keep up the awesome work!

As judges we understand how to handle our normal duties. However, we occasionally encounter scenarios that fall outside of the norm. The ability to take responsibility and address these in a professional way is a characteristic we should all strive to have.

Recently you Head Judged a pre-release which in and of itself isn’t something worthy of special recognition in my mind. What was worthy is how you managed yourself and your event. You were consistently on the floor, watching Magic, and making rulings. The essence of providing great customer service. When you were challenged you asked for help, guidance, and feedback. You were mature, thorough, and thoughtful throughout the event. Thanks for putting forward the effort.

When we talk about Logistics and Tournament Operations, we usually think about large competitive events. As Rick notes, usually running a prerelease is not exemplary. However Paul Espina earned his first Exemplar rec because the great effort put in to this one benefited the players and the event in the ways Rick described. We should always be looking to provide the best effort towards any event.

Thanks for your tournament report about innovating in the field of ODE technology. You were able to share a seemingly simple adaptation that sounds like it makes a common ODE task a few orders of magnitude faster. It’s easy to just keep doing things the same way we’ve always done them, but you demonstrated the benefits of being willing to question the status quo. Your report has been so valuable that it still has people commenting on it a month after you wrote it to thank you for it: http://apps.magicjudges.org/forum/topic/25519/

While we have been doing this Logistics thing for a long time, it is great to see that innovations still occur to improve our processes. This is a great example that we should always be looking for opportunities for improvement.

I work with Eric Johnson up at Cooper’s Cave. Since taking his L1, he’s been working to have a more competitive scene but also friendly in nature; encouraging newer players to take the next step and helping to explain the difference at GPTs we’ve been running. Over this last weekend, he was our head judge at Chase Con in Saratoga for magic events, but also assisted with rules for other card and tabletop games, which helped the entire event run smoothly. His planning for where demos/tabletop/magic/etc was key in helping our weekend run smoothly, and his foresight and leadership as the head judge and event manager went a long way

When most people think about our roles in the program, the link the strictly to Magic events. Eric Johnson shows the benefit of being able to adapt these skills and apply them to larger scale events. This is Eric’s first exemplar rec.

The ability run events in an efficient and professional manner is a keystone of the judge program. The ability to understand and improve upon these roles is a benefit to the community. The above rec’s are just a few of the ways judges in the Northeast have succeeded at that. Keep up the great work!

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