New Area Captains

The Northeast was one of the first regions in the world to use a role like Area Captains in order to help keep tabs on our large region and also provide opportunities for smaller, local communities to grow and thrive. On many measures, this sort of initiative has been a resounding success. Now, a large portion of the regions in the world use this sort of structure as well.

The initial run of Area Captains (called Area Representatives at the time) were hand-selected by the RC and they would change when someone wanted to step down. Once the era of the NNWO (New New World Order) began, RC selection was changed to a system where RCs would have to reapply every two years. This helped make sure that we had capable and interested RCs across the world. It seemed only natural to do a similar thing with the Area Captains.

In June, we opened up applications for all Area Captains for the very first time. It showed us just how many interested and excited people we had in the region. I was very pleased with the number and caliber of the applicants and I’m very pleased to announce the 2018 class of Area Captains for the Northeast!

Joseph Achille
Colton Abrams
Central & Western Massachusetts:
Chris Cahill
Boston Area:
Sean Calvo
New Hampshire & Vermont:
Chris Wendelboe
New Jersey & Delaware:
Charles Featherer
Central & Western New York:
Joseph Steet
Eastern New York:
Andrew Blizzard
NYC & Downstate New York:
Adam Eidelsafy
Long Island, New York:
Jacen Simon
Western Pennsylvania:
Hank Wiest
Central Pennsylvania:
Joshua Hudson
Eastern Pennsylvania:
James Eveland
Rhode Island & Cape Cod:
Alfred Dziewit

I’d really like to thank our outgoing Area Captains for the years of hard work, too!

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