Review Contest 2018

Hey friends!

You may remember that last year, the Mid-Atlantic issued a challenge to the Northeast: Who would write the most reviews?

In 2018, the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic wrote a combined 991 reviews! A 42% increase over the previous year, and 13% of the 7567 reviews submitted in the Judge Program for the year.


And the winner is… The Northeast!


In 2018, the Northeast wrote 28.3% more reviews than the Mid-Atlantic (311 vs. 223). It was a really close contest, though. With the NE having a larger population, this worked out to being the difference between averaging .61 reviews per judge in the NE versus .6 reviews per judge in the M-A!

You may be saying “These numbers don’t add up, that isn’t the 991 in the previous paragraph! What gives?” It turns out that there was a significant outlier in the data this year, and his name is Joe Steet. The numbers for the contest between the NE and M-A compared above don’t take into account the whopping 457 reviews Joe wrote in 2018. Joe puts massive effort into his dedication to providing his peers with feedback, and it shows.


And while things were very close (without Joe!) Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator Eric Dustin Brown has provided the spoils of the war – some beautiful new red pens with the NE Judge logo, perfect for review writing going into 2019.


Feedback is an important gift that we can always be giving each other. We haven’t issued any special challenges this year (yet), but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep helping each other out. Let’s see if we can keep up the pace in 2019, and if you’d like a shiny new pen to do it, come find Me at MagicFest New Jersey.

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