Welcome to August

Hey friends, welcome to August! As usual, here’s a little about what to expect this month.


– There was a recent announcement about the Judge Program moving over to Judge Academy in October. You can read more about that here, there are several related announcements linked.

Exemplar is open for nominations for Wave 18 until Tuesday, August 13th. After this wave, Exemplar is going on hiatus and making some changes, so if you have someone you’d like to recognize, don’t wait!


– Note about the Regional Discord Server: If you’d like to have your level noted, please make sure that your display name for the server contains at least part of your name and is identifiable, then ask someone with the L3 or Leadership Council roles to assign your level.

– The next Discord hangout is Monday, August 19th from 8-9 pm. It’s been mostly social but I’m also always there to answer questions, feel free to drop in.

– If you’re interested in hosting an educational or social discussion on Discord, let me know! I’ll post about it here.


– In region tournaments and conferences with applications open right now can be found here. We have several in region MCQs looking for judges right now. If you’re near the edge of the region, don’t forget to check out events hosted by our neighbors in Canada, the Great Lakes, and the Mid-Atlantic!


As always, if there’s anything on your mind, feel free to contact me:

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