Welcome to January

Hey friends, Happy New Year!

Last month I posted a list of updates for December on Facebook. I found that I had a few more things to say this month, so I thought it would be easier to read here.


– The Review Contest with the Mid-Atlantic has closed! Eric Dustin Brown and I are going through reviews from 2018 and we’ll have a blog post out with information about who won on January 16th.


– The next Discord hangout is Wednesday, January 9th from 8-10 pm. It’s been mostly social but I’m also always there to answer questions, feel free to drop in.

Tony Houst will be hosting a meeting on Discord to go over the Release Notes for Ravnica Allegiance. This will likely be Tuesday before Prerelease, more information will follow as we get closer.

Charles Featherer and Joe Steet will also be hosting a moderated discussion on Discord this month on the subject of Judge Tech: Looking at Techniques and Tools Needed for All Events Sizes and Staffing Levels. The date and time will be announced later.


– I’ll be holding office hours at MF New Jersey on January 27th. If you’ll be there and you’d like to talk, you can let me know with this form or just swing by and say hello.

– We have some in region events with applications open right now:

As always, if there’s anything on your mind, feel free to contact me:

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