Welcome to March

Hey friends, welcome to March! As usual, here’s a little about what to expect this month.


– The PCs have put out a blog post with recommended staffing guidelines to help staff your events. You can see that here.

Exemplar is open for nominations for Wave 17 until May 15th. Keep an eye out for exemplary behavior from your peers! If you need more slots than you have available, feel free to contact me about it.

– Congratulations to Mani Cavalieri for being featured on Judge of the Week last month! (You can nominate someone here.)


– The next Discord hangout is Tuesday, March 12th from 8-10 pm. It’s been mostly social but I’m also always there to answer questions, feel free to drop in.

Charles Featherer and Joe Steet will also be hosting a moderated discussion on Discord this month on the subject of Judge Tech to go over what should be in your judge toolkit and why, as well as how to make the most of your judge toolkit at your event. The chat will be Wednesday, March 13th at 8 pm.

– If you’re interested in hosting an educational or social discussion on Discord, let me know! I’ll post about it here.


In region events with applications open right now (updated as more are added):

As always, if there’s anything on your mind, feel free to contact me:

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