Welcome to May

Hey friends, welcome to May! As usual, here’s a little about what to expect this month.


– I’m putting in a name tag order, but there’s a very short turnaround. If you’d like to order a name tag, please do so with this form by Monday, May 13th.

Exemplar is open for nominations for Wave 17 until May 15th. Keep an eye out for exemplary behavior from your peers! If you need more slots than you have available, feel free to contact me about it.

– CFBE has concluded their AMA. You can find their answers on the forums.

Adrian St. John has compiled everything you might need to know about War of the Spark in this Set Guide.

– The Program Coordinators released a statement on the Status of the Program. This includes an update on the PC Selection Process, a response to some of the CFBE AMA and updates from various Sphere leads.


– Note about the Regional Discord Server: If you’d like to have your level noted, please make sure that your display name for the server contains at least part of your name and is identifiable, then ask someone with the L3 or Leadership Council roles to assign your level.

– The next Discord hangout is Wednesday, May 15th from 8-9 pm. It’s been mostly social but I’m also always there to answer questions, feel free to drop in.

– The War of the Spark book club, started by Ian Kernohan has its first of two club meetings May 13th at 8 pm.

– If you’re interested in hosting an educational or social discussion on Discord, let me know! I’ll post about it here.


– I’ll be holding office hours at MF Providence on May 26th. If you’ll be there and you’d like to talk, you can let me know with this form or just swing by and say hello.

Planar Bridge will be hosting a meeting at MF Providence at 7:30 PM on Sunday, May 26th. If you’re there, feel free to stop in for a round table discussion about the development of the Judge Program.

– In region events with applications open right now (updated as more are added):

As always, if there’s anything on your mind, feel free to contact me:

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