The NW Regional Logo

Note from Sept 2019:  With the new Judge Academy changes to the program, this article is a bit less relevant.  However, we’d still like to feature our contest result, and thank our entrants.  And, of course, thank you, US-Northwest region, for being amazing in your own way!  Our region may be merging with the Southwest to become the new ‘West’ Region, but our logo exists, for those who need it! 


Hi Judges!  Perhaps you remember, from waaaaay back in fall 2018, we had started a contest, to make a regional logo for all you Northwest judges!  We’d hoped to have something that can characterize the region across it’s entire width and landscapes, and we had a few submissions from this post!   At the end of the day, with multiple submissions, we asked your Area Captains to vote, and it was decided:


This is our Northwest Magic Judges Regional Logo:



























I, for one, hope you all like it!  It was designed by L1 David Hollis, who worked with our RC to get this finalized version!  We have new judge regional shirts for you, featuring this logo, to purchase [as a last send off for our region]!  We’d love to hear your opinions on it!

And as we promised, here’s David with his winnings!


















And here’s the deck he’ll be playing it in!  Who wants to play him in commander?