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Sao Paulo

RICCARDO TESSITORI is a Level 3 (former Level 5) from Italy.

He became a certified judge in October 2001, advanced to Level 3 in August 2003, to Level 4 in December 2005 and to Level 5 in December 2008.

On the international scene, he judged more than 30 Pro Tours (8 as head judge), 140 Grand Prix (53 as head judge), and all World Championships (now Magic World Cup) since 2003 (2 as head judge, 2 as head judge of the finals portion, and he has been selected to head judge the 2018 World Magic Cup).

He started travelling to Europe, United States and Japan in the far 2003, and has been a “regular” at Asian Grand Prix events since 2011. 2016 has marked his first participation to events in Latin America, and 2017 in Australia.


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You can contact him by mail, on Facebook or on WhatsApp (+393336204921)

Riccardo Tessitori