About this blog

A WORLD OF MAGIC is a blog written by Riccardo Tessitori (and a few guests) about international events, started in 2015.

On these JudgeBlogs, you can find articles about Magic rules and tournament logistics, but the main goal of this blog is to offer you tales about what happens outside Magic events, as “judging” expands to more than “just the tournament room”.

Each page will offer you photos, a few videos and tales about adventures in all continents where Magic is played.

From 2016, you also always find sections about tournament logistics, with a few added rules and tournament policy situations; several of the articles introduce to you one of the judges who contributes the most to our judge program and our international events.

From 2017, you find general articles about major aspects of the Magic Judge Program, seen from the point of view of a Program Coordinator.

Fasten your seat belts and thank you for travelling with us!