Applying to L3

Have you read all requirements? If not, please do so before applying.

Please use this spreadsheet to apply for L3. This will make it easier for the Verification Committee to find all necessary info.

How to use:

  • The spreadsheet is READ ONLY
  • To fill out the form, select File > Make a Copy. Name the copy “L3 Application – Your Name”
  • Please enter your application info in each of the Red boxes on the Application Tab
  • Don’t fill in any Green boxes
  • When you fill in a box, it turns light orange
  • The checklist will show you your progress, and ensure you don’t have anything out of date
  • Even though the spreadsheet verifies data, you should still double check all of your information
  • When you are ready to submit, select File > Email as Attachment
  • Send it to when complete