June Maintenance is LIVE

You’ve been hearing whispers since January. You may have even gotten a preview if you were flagged during Spot Maintenance. Either way, it’s time for our Regional Maintenance!

So what does this mean? Below you’ll find the requirements for maintaining your Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. Level 3 Judges in the region will be undergoing separate maintenance and evaluations by the L3 Maintenance Team, and will therefore not be covered under this form.

Level 1 Maintenance Requirements

  • Judge a sanctioned event once every six months.
  • Demonstrate maintenance of rules and policy knowledge through yearly exams.

Level 2 Maintenance Requirements

  • Judge two Competitive REL tournaments.
  • Enter one review of another judge into the Judge Center.
  • Demonstrate maintenance of rules and policy knowledge through yearly exams. 


As you can see, the requirement of “demonstrating maintenance of rules and policy knowledge through yearly exams” as been crossed out. With Exams having been down for most of the year, and without the “Maintenance Exams” being finished, I’ve decided to waive these requirements for our region. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn new rules and policy! If you are interested in testing your knowledge and seeing where you stand, PLEASE consider utilizing the Exam tab on your  JudgeApps account. There are a variety of exams available to you, and you will be doing yourself (and the players/TOs you judge for) a solid by making sure that you are up-to-date.

The form will be open until the June 30th, however I’d suggest filling out the form sooner rather than later so you can get it off your plate and be done with it. If for some reason you have not met the requirements for your level, or do not wish to continue at your current level, please feel free to reach out to me at nicolettemapraez@gmail.com (sooner rather than later!) so that we can get on the same page.

Click here for the Maintenance Google Form!