Tennessee to join the USA-Southeast Region

Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Judges:

As Regional Coordinators, the most important part of our jobs is taking care of the judges in our region. This means helping facilitate interaction between judges, travel to in-region events and conferences, and taking advantage of proximity to other judges in order to pool knowledge and help each other grow. For judges in Tennessee, the Appalachian mountain range has made these goals more difficult to achieve. However, Tennessee does share a southern border with Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia and over the last year, Tennessee representation at Southeast conferences and events have been on the rise. After a lengthy discussion with regional leadership in both the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions, we have decided that the Southeast Region is better equipped from a proximity standpoint to support those judges.


This means that effective immediately, we’d like to welcome Tennessee to the USA-Southeast Judge Region. Judge Apps changes will go into effect this evening.


Nicolette Apraez, RC USA – Southeast

Nicholas Sabin, RC USA – Mid-Atlantic