Celebrating the Magic of Meg Rickman

Written by Riki Hayashi

If you have judged or played an SCG Tour event in the past few years, you’re probably familiar with Meg Rickman. To say that she is a staple of the Tour is an understatement. In 2019, she judged fourteen SCG Tour events. Fourteen! Out of twenty-four. For judges, attending a quarter of our events is enough to make you a “Tour regular.” To attend over half is dedication above and beyond.

Meg established a reputation early in her career as the “Side Events Queen,” showing a penchant for interacting positively with players and adapting to the quickly changing landscape of sides roles. But it would be a mistake to pigeonhole her as just a side events judge. In 2019, Meg successfully led two SCG Sunday Classics as Head Judge, including a 266-player Modern Classic in Columbus, one of the largest Classics of 2019. For a Level 2 Judge, this is the pinnacle of Competitive REL judging on the SCG Tour, and she handled both events with aplomb in terms of her application of game rules and tournament policy as well as her attention to player enjoyment.

At multiple events this year, we have turned to Meg to fill in for a lead who had to withdraw from the event on short notice. She skillfully navigated a Unified Deck Checks Lead in Richmond and stepped in as a Sides Lead in Philadelphia both on a few days’ notice, showing her versatility and command presence even under less than ideal circumstances.

In honor of her nickname “The Mother of Dragons,” borrowed from Game of Thrones, the Star City Games Organized Play Department is excited to reveal this brand new judge token, a 4/4 Dragon with flying, which will be given as a gift to all judges who join us for events in Season One of the SCG Tour next year (and SCG Con Winter 2019).

Meg has cultivated relationships not only with fellow judges, but with players as well, distinguishing herself as a true ambassador for the game of Magic. Here is just a small selection of the positive things that judges and players have said about Meg:

“I’ve only ever had positive experiences working with Meg. She is truly committed to giving the best performance at every turn, and I appreciate what she brings to events.” -Jacob Milicic

“Any Magic event that has Meg Rickman is better as a result of her involvement.  She regularly stands up for what is right, and stands like a stone in the face of what would completely dismantle a lesser person. She’s been there for some of my most important moments in tournament Magic, and occupies a special place in my heart.” – Emma Handy

“Meg Rickman is one of my favorite judges to see at an event. She is constantly improving, and is always willing to help those who seek it.” -Elliot Raff

“When I think of the team of Judges I see week in and week out on the SCGTour, there is not a judge who stands out more in my mind than Meg Rickman.  Meg constantly stands out as a beacon of kindness, strength, and inclusivity at every event she attends. Beyond that, Meg exemplifies the kind of judge every and any player wants to interact with during a tournament, confident, fair, and beyond competent in her work.” -Abraham Stein

Meg Rickman has touched countless lives and made our SCG Tour events what they are today. If you are one of those people, I encourage you to let her know what she has meant to you. Thank you for an amazing year, Meg, and we look forward to many more.