Things Players Need to Know About the September 20 Policy Changes

Most policy changes are small things around the edges that only impact a tiny handful of weird situations, or tweak how a judge handles situations where something has gone wrong. However, it’s worth having a summary of changes that players should know about, as it may affect their tournament experience. Share with your players!

In approximate order of importance:

  1. [For Competitive+ REL only] You now need to announce *all* your triggers.

    In the past, there was a subclass of triggers (“No Visual Effect”) that did not require announcing because they didn’t have an impact on the visual state of the board or require choices. Think Goldnight Commander or Kruin Striker. However, with the simplifying of the trigger rules, those now have to be announced.

    Simplified Trigger Rules: You cannot “forget” your triggers. Your opponent is not required to remind you. If your opponent misses a trigger and you want it to happen, call a judge (and you’ll get to make happen if it’s still within a turn). If you miss your trigger unintentionally and the opponent doesn’t want it to happen, it won’t happen.

  2. You must be present and playing at a tournament to receive Planeswalker Points. No having a friend register you just to get the points!
  3. Video replay will not be used in making rulings. It may be used for investigations later.
  4. Future policy updates will happen the Monday after each prerelease. They’ll go into effect on release day for that set.

The complete Magic Tournament Rules (which is stuff you might need to know) can be found at

The complete Magic Infraction Procedure Guide (which is stuff for judges, but might be interesting) can be found at