L2 Maintenance Requirements

I’m thrilled to present a guest post from Spanish judge extraordinaire Alfonso Bueno with an explanation of the annual L2 maintenance requirements. Take it away Alfonso!

Hello! A few months ago, the L2 definition changed. This change happened to ensure that L2 judges are capable of Head Judging a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (PPTQ) to the standard a Competitive REL event requires.

As with every other level, there are some requirements to access the level, and there are also requirements to maintain that level. For a few months, the requirements to remain at L2 were undefined, but we’re fixing that today.

Check out the official website: http://blogs.magicjudges.org/o/judge-levels/
The following requirements to maintain L2 must be fulfilled each year between January 1st and December 31st, starting in 2015:

  • Demonstration of a working relationship with at least two organizers or stores.
  • Two reviews of other judges entered into http://judge.wizards.com (the Judge Center).
  • Judge at least two “high level” events with multiple judges (PPTQs, WMCQs, GPs, or significant regional events such as SCG Opens or 5Ks). Other large region-specific events and/or GPTs may qualify at the Regional Coordinator’s discretion.
  • A written tournament report from one of the multiple-judge events or write a judge article.
  • Judge a tournament every 180 days.

To follow are explanations for the existence of each requirement.

A working relationship with at least two organizers: L2 judges have a wider involvement in the judge community than just working at one store. L2 judges, also known as Area Judges, are expected to be in contact and available to work with tournament organizers (TOs) in their area. Working with different TOs, players, and local L1 judges is a very educational and mind-opening experience; this requirement encourages L2 judges to get out of the store at which they grew as L1s, to face new challenges and improve.

Writing two reviews: With great power comes great responsibility. The judge program empowers L2s to test new L1s; this requires the L2s to be excellent at evaluating and assessing other judges. Writing reviews on a regular basis is one of the best methods to train this skill. On top of that, it has another very positive effect – those reviews will help fellow judges to improve.

Write a tournament report or judge article: This is a very important requirement and the reasons for it are twofold:

  • L2s must be able to mentor other judges, especially L1s from their areas. Writing and sharing reports of tournaments where some judges were present (judging, playing, or spectating) is an extraordinary tool to teach them, and the same goes for judge articles.
  • L2s must stay in touch with the rest of the community and this is happening mainly online. L2s are expected to produce useful online content for their communities.

These reports and articles can of course be written in the local language.

Judge two “high-level” events with multiple judges: Isolation is one of the most dangerous traps a judge can fall in. Without fellow judges with whom to discuss rulings, from whom to receive feedback, and to help us realize our mistakes, how are we going to improve? Without other judges in the tournament, how can we evaluate their skills as a judge?

Judge every 180 days: Well, judges are meant to judge. We know L2s judge much more frequently than twice a year, but this requirement serves to clean up those judges who have stopped judging actively.

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  1. This event lists PPTQs as High-Level events with multiple judges. Seeing the turnout for these events recently, most of these events likely won’t have multiple judges or the turnout to really be seen as high-level.

    Do these events still count, or it is supposed to be RPTQs?

  2. Hello!

    What is the definition of “judge article”? An article with certified judges as the target audience? What about educational articles about rules released for public (players and judge candidates)?

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