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Apologies for the delay in getting this out. I came down with a nasty flu yesterday and that kept me off the internets. Happily it waited until after the prereleases to, um, manifest.

The good news is that there’s not a lot in the new documents that needs explaining. A few tweaks for clarity here and there, the updated wording for errors a player couldn’t see that we discussed here previously, the missing penalty box for Bribery got restored (Word really doesn’t like those boxes), and I hear there were a few changes to some banlists…

The one change worth mentioning is one that I think a lot of people have been expecting for a while – the play-draw rule that has been used for Premier event top 8s (highest after swiss chooses) is now the rule for all top 8s. It’s been a very successful tweak to the rules and rewards swiss play, so when we looked at the Premier restriction, there wasn’t a good reason not to extend it to other events.

Finally, some folks have been asking about rules for Sanctioned Casual FNMs. We experimented with working that into the MTR, and it was too complicated – you had to read through a lot of non-relevant details to pick out the ones that mattered. So, in the few weeks, we’ll be releasing a very short set of rules for Casual Sanctioned that is effectively the MTR for those events. It’s mostly anything goes with just a few basic limitations (no proxies!). I’ll talk about that some here once it gets released.

Thanks to Sean Hunt and Riki Hayashi for their improvement suggestions. If you have anything you think needs tweaking, or ideas for how to make the rules better, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

6 thoughts on “FTR Policy Changes

  1. How will drafts with Fate Reforged work if you can have a non-basic land in that slot? Should they be treated as 15-card packs and the basic/dual/fetch land kept in the pack or the players can keep them as they do the basic land (I might be missing something here)?

  2. Is the top 8 play draw rule also applicable to team/2HG events? I only ask because section 2.2 specifies “player”, but reading this blog makes me logically think that it’s intent is to be extended to _all_ event.

    1. Applies everywhere, though if you’re running 2HG at Competitive, that’s the least of your problems…

      1. Well 2GH is a bad exampl… But Even in team trios that cut to top 4, the entire Team gets the choice? :s

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