Policy Changes for War of the Spark

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You’d think with how big War of the Spark is, as culmination of years of story, we’d have a big policy update to go with it. Not so! This is the smallest update in the history of the IPG. The changes are on the level of things I’d usually debate whether they were worth mentioning in the Quick Hits.

So, we’ll put up a block we can pretend is the detailed explanations, then skip to the Quick Hits. Then we’ll go back to fighting undead on the streets of Ravnica and return for a larger update with Core 20.

A Cat Picture Where There’d Usually Be Some Big Announcements


Quick Hits

  • If you play a Swamp and one of your teammates immediately jumps in with “no, play the Island”, that still qualifies for reversing the decision. In general, we regard teammates as one entity when thinking about communication (and slow play!) so it’s OK to have them helping out.
  • We did the big update around Bribery last time, but we missed the line in player requirements that said players needed to report those offenses. That’s been removed.
  • Apparently some people believed that only one player could perform a pile shuffle per game. But, each player should have a chance to do a deck count, so it’s been clarified to a pile shuffle each.
  • CPV requires an in-game decision to be relevant, which makes it clear that calling a judge is not a relevant decision.
  • Looking at Extra Cards applies to accidentally flipping over an opponent’s sideboard card as well. There’s no fix, but you do issue the Warning.
  • In the extremely unlikely situation that you’re giving out two game losses to a player, they combine into a single one.
  • We fixed a typo in the JAR and cleaned up a sentence. Really, I’m scraping here!

See you in a few months!

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  1. Does it seem like the new language about pile shuffling now allows the opponent to pile shuffle ‘the other player’s deck?

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