Policy Changes for Throne of Eldraine

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Dark Times in the Land of Cornercase

“I have kidnapped Princess Artemis and cast an illusion upon her. She cannot be found,” the Evil Queen cackled. “Also, the rules for drafting have been updated and the players will always leave the basic lands in the packs when they draft. This provides consistency and players won’t have to remember whether this is one of the sets that requires it. Just remove anything that isn’t a Magic card and draft the rest”

Banished from the land, Prince Heffernan set out upon a quest to find the princess. He asked wise folks across the realm, but their advice was only about Game Rule Violations and how they applied to both players. Many had been confused by how they worked. The intent was that the opponent would only receive one if they had failed to point out the infraction within a reasonable time after it was committed and shared some responsibility, but the rules of the land had been ambiguous and some judges were handing them out immediately. New text made this clearer.

Eventually, Prince Heffernan came across the hut of an old crone. She was stirring her cauldron as he entered, and fixed him with a withering stare.

“You have come to me for guidance on how to handle sideboards with too many cards in them, yes? The last update was trying to be easier to understand and ended up accidentally only referring to missing cards. That’s been reverted, and sixteen card sideboards discovered during presentation or a deckcheck are back to being upgraded to a Game Loss.”

“Also,” the witched raised a bony finger to point at the prince. “Don’t forget to show the opponent any cards leaving or going into the deck. It’s always been true, but now it’s clearer. That gives them confidence in what is happening, and they may alert us to something suspicious that we haven’t seen. Now, begone!”

But, Prince Heffernan was not fooled by the evil queen’s illusion. He recognized his beloved Artemis and so the spell was broken and the land of Cornercase was saved. For the queen had forgotten the most important rule of all: always Artie Heff see!

Short Stories from the land of Cornercase

  • If a Hidden Card error would be a Hidden Card Error without an opponent’s effect, it’s still a Hidden Card Error. For example, drawing when you’re told to scry and your opponent has Narset out is HCE – the Narset is irrelevant in this case and doesn’t need to be considered when figuring out the infraction.
  • Mulligan Procedure Errors only apply to errors in the mulligan actions themselves. Other infractions committed during the mulligan process are handled as normal. Also, we can ignore unintentional errors during the mulligan process that don’t provide the player with any advantage, like accidentally exiling too many cards with Serum Powder and not discovering it until later.
  • There’s a weird situation where you can get a Tournament Error Warning after you’ve gotten a Game Loss (think Tardiness, where you’re 5 minutes late the first time, and 30 seconds the second time). Does it upgrade? No. You always get one Warning.

Have Fun Storming the Castle

A light update. Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions and corrections. Shout-outs to Toby Hazes, Tom Wood, Scott Marshall, Joseph Steet, Steven Zwanger, Andrew Villarrubia, and everyone who survived the SAN damage from the above story. Enjoy Eldraine, and we’ll see you in the underworld soon.

16 thoughts on “Policy Changes for Throne of Eldraine

    1. Is there a faerie godmother who could decipher the pun? My proficiency with English is not enough to solve it. =(

      1. Dmitry, (as a hint) if you say it out loud the words are English letters which are a commonly used abbreviation.

      2. The “most important rule of all” is “RTFC”, as many rule questions can be resolved by Reading The Magic Card.

  1. Toby the updates are appreciated but, sweet mercy, reading through the fluff every time to actually understand what’s actually changing is so distracting; especially when you’re trying to find the change to show to a player and you can they’re struggling to read and understand it.

    Can there be a section that’s just simple word for word changes and rationale behind them and then another section with the story-time, octopus arms shenaniganary?

      1. Chris V,

        He means Appendix B of the IPG.

        Which is still annoying because it usually results in a bunch of scrolling back and forth plus reading huge sections before finding or understanding the change.

  2. This post was one of your best. Keep having fun with the update – we can get a dry explainer from plenty of sources but it’s a lot more enjoyable when you flavor it.

  3. Is exiling too many cards with Serum Powder really so obviously not an advantage? Obviously this isn’t a huge thing, but if the deck gets shuffled during the game, the extra cards being in exile or the deck do change the probabilities of the cards being drawn.

    1. You’re correct, but remember that the player is choosing which card(s) to go back. To be an advantage, every card would have to be one that was better not being in the deck, which is unusual (it can happen more when you’re down in the mull-to-4 territory, but that’s also quite rare).

      It’s still an error – they can’t choose to do it intentionally and you should investigate. There’s just not enough there to justify an infraction.

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