The Project


Magic is a game translated in several languages, and tournaments are conducted in lots of countries around the globe. As the game accomodates the players by being translated, language shouldn’t be a barrier for judges when learning the Comprehensive Rules and DCI Policy documents.

Until 2004, Wizards had a group of judges for each language to translate the rules and tests, but that project was abandoned.

The Judge Center and tests are available in different languages, but the various rules documents linked from the tests are not. Having tests in different languages, but no rules in those languages, presents a barrier for non-english speaking judges or candidates. Even when they can test in their language, they actually need to study in English.


– Translate and update the Magic Comprehensive Rules, Magic Tournament Rules, Magic Infraction Procedure Guide,  and Judging at Regular REL; other documents and communication, as needed.
– Translate into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Korean (and possibly other languages, like Greek and Polish).
– Create and mantain a network of judges willing and able to translate documents into the languages Magic is already translated, for the documents mentioned here and for other projects and documents.
– Create and mantain a website to post the translated documents and other relevant documentation:
– Interact with Wizards’ Localization Department to have and use the proper Magic Glossary and Terms.

Project structure

The idea is to have a general coordinator for the project, one or more coordinators for each language, and a team of translators for each language. Depending on the ammount of work, different languages will have different people in different positions, or the same individual filling different roles.

General Coordinator (GC):
• Receives from Wizards the updated documents, (preferably with tracked changes).
• Forwards them to Language Coordinators (LCs).
• Mantain communication with LCs to check the status of each language.
• Generates reports of project status for the JudgeApps Forum.
• Receives applications to help with the project and redirects them to the appropiate LC.
• Receives solicitation of new translations from the DCI or other projects, and redirects them to the appropiate LC.
• Posts translated documents on designated website.
• Administrates the rules website and blog.

Language Coordinator:
• Receives from GC the updated documents.
• Sets deadlines for each job.
• Distributes the documents, if appropiate, among translators. If the document is too long, splits into parts to give to the translators.
• Communicates with translators to reach the planned deadlines.
• Forwards translated documents to GC.
• Decides how to edit documents among translators.

Website Contact:
• Receives from GC the link to the updated rules document and creates in the rules website an article in his language linking to that document.
• Creates in the rules website articles linking to FAQ announcements, or creates articles with card errata for his language.
• Some languages are already translating JudgeApps Forum announcements, and that translator also posts the translations to the website.

• Receives document from LC.
• Translates and forwards translated document to LC.
• Edit, if necessary, translations made by another translator.