War of the Spark™ Release Notes

The Release Notes include information concerning the release of a new Magic: The Gathering® set, as well as a collection of clarifications and rulings involving that set’s cards. It’s intended to make playing with the new cards more fun by clearing up the common misconceptions and confusion inevitably caused by new mechanics and interactions. As future sets are released, updates to the Magic™ rules may cause some of this information to become outdated. If you can’t find the answer you’re

Magic Judge Code – February 19th 2019

The Magic Judge Code has been updated! You can find it in the Judge Conduct Committee blog. JCC leader Eric Levine wrote: "Today I posted an updated version of the Magic Judge Code. The revisions to the Code were based on feedback from JCC members, Regional Coordinators, Program Coordinators, and judges who submitted feedback about the Code directly. You can read the updated version of the Code at the link above, but I wanted to talk about the changes in some detail to make them easier