GP Manila 2017


We are very glad to present the travel guide for GP MANILA. Imagine yourself sailing in Manila Bay, walking along streets in Binondo or Intramuros, watching Art Decó theaters or Spanish colonial buildings. A mixture of culture that will make your senses feel overwhelmed. Thanks to Alvin Gener and his team we have this awesome guide for enjoying the capital of Philipines and sourroundings. Enjoy!

City: Manila
Authors: Alvin Gener, Mark Ian Alloso, Mark Joseph Coquia, Ian Mervin Go, Felix Capule, John Erick Vinalon, Alyssa Chrizelle Miclat, Philip Pena. Layout and Design by John Reuben Ferrer.
Link: GP Manila 2017 Travel Guide (lite) / (HD)

This guide is of public usage, please feel free to share it with your community.