Judge Mob March 2017


Erick at the top tables and Josh Marin ever present with Gummy Bears

Judge Mob the USA-North social activity had taken a break over the winter, mostly because I didn’t feel the need to have it the same month as the rescheduled Leadership Conference. The release of Modern Masters 2017 seemed like a great time to get it going again as a monthly event.

Legion Games had recently moved and changed their name to Dreamers Vault Games Burnsville so it seemed like the perfect location. Many thanks to the owner Jason Webster and the manager Patrick for helping plan the event.

Dreamers went the extra mile and had door prizes in addition to the prize payout of a Modern Masters 2017 pack per win. As normal some local players joined us for the event which is always awesome, we ended up with four local players and six judges. The first giveaway of a Dreamers Vault playmat went to local player John Holcomb. The draft itself was a lot of fun, Eric Carlsted won the value portion with a Misty Rainforest and Scalding Tarn. The Scalding Tarn came with a foil Olivia Voldaren in the pack, after the anguished “What do I take?” he took the higher value Scalding Tarn over the much cooler Commander card.

At the beginning of round one the door prizes were announced, the first went to myself who had to choose card or sleeves. I chose card and received a Thrun, the Last Troll. Phil Johnson was next and also chose card and received a foil Harmless Offering, next Erick Carlsted got even more value winning the Legion Sleeves (Erick didn’t have a choice, probably good considering the anguish over his last choice).

Yours truly was the winner of the draft after some very hard fought and close games with Erick Carlsted in the last round. He was Grixis and I was Esper and both our decks were very powerful despite practically right next to each other in the draft.

Again thanks to Dreamers Vault Games and Patrick, it was a really fun time.

The next judge Mob will be a Chaos Draft at Lodestone Games on Wed April 26th. I hope you can make it and if you can’t feel free to plan your own event in your area.