Strategic Feedbacking: Timing Matters

L2 William Anderson explains why the delivery of feedback is as important as its content, and what to do in difficult situations.
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Modern Rules Problems – Going Through Modern Masters 2015

Modern Master Nathan Long provides a card-interaction primer in time for the release of Modern Masters 2015!
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Modern Rules Problems – Act on Impulse

If you're an irate prophetic pyromaster planning to siege an outpost, L2 Nathan Long has the rules explanations for utilizing that exiled card on your turn.
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2HG – Creating a Fun Experience for Everyone

L2 Jeff Vandenberg returns to discuss making a fun experience of the 2-headed giant format at Regular REL.
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Working with Unfamiliar Stores

Helpful tips from L2 Jeffrey Vandenberg for when a judge needs to work with a store they haven’t worked with before.
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Keeping Floor Coverage Active and Player-Focused

L3 David Lyford-Smith describes good approaches to floor coverage by emphasizing active engagement over passive reaction.
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A Guide to L1 Post-test Interviews

L3 Joshua Feingold discusses how to maximize the yield of the interview following an L1 candidate's exam.
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Backing Up to the Future

Mistakes happen, but L3 Riki Hayashi recommends you think things through before jumping in your DeLorean to change the past!
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Wear // Tear at Events

Talk the talk. Walk the walk. L2 Luis Guimarais discusses the importance of breaks and effort management during events.
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International Travel Tips

L2s Leonardo Martins and Arick Dickerman share some simple tips for planning ahead on your next international judging adventure.
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