Judging in Japan (and Other Foreign GPs): A Non-English Grand Prix Guide for Judges

L2 QJ Wong shares practical tips and experience for judging in foreign lands where communication is not necessarily knowing the language.
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Modern Rules Problems – Madness

Madness returns! L2 Nathan Long explains the updated rules and shares card interactions for Madness.
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Writing L2 Recommendations

L2 recommendations are an integral part of identifying promising L2 candidates. L3 Joshua Feingold shares insight on how to maximize the impact of L2 recommendations.
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Grand Prix Judge Selection

The entire GP staff selection process, straight from L3 Johanna Virtanen!
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PPTQs: Head Judge-TO Communication

Coordinating a PPTQ with a new or unfamiliar TO? L2 Kyle Evans navigates key discussions and why they're vital for a good experience for all.
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Using Trello as a GP Public Event Manager (PEM)

L3 Jeremie Granat shares insight and new technology on the horizon to improve the role of the Public Event Manager.
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Handling Multiple Infractions

L3 Matthew Johnson provides some insight into how seemingly multiple infractions can be determined as a single cause or multiple causes.
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Modern Rules Problems – Anafenza, the Foremost

MRP Columnist L2 Nathan Long returns with a primer on understanding the replacement effect of Anafenza, the Foremost in Modern.
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The Australian Deck Check Technique

G'day Judges! L3 Matteo Callegari provides instructions and videos on a quick-and-easy technique for Limited events already in use.
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Strategic Feedbacking: Timing Matters

L2 William Anderson explains why the delivery of feedback is as important as its content, and what to do in difficult situations.
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