Community Development for Judges

Growth of a community is a process. L3 Adam Liebman outlines challenges to community growth and discusses the stages of growing a judge community.
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Redefinition of Level 2 – The Area Judge and What That Means

Change is hard. L2 Lexie Mettler and L3 David Lyford-Smith provide some perspective on the updated Level 2 requirements.
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Head Judge O-pun-ing Announcements

Head Judge opening announcements are important, but they can be fun too! L2 CJ Shrader shares some pointers for making them fun-ctional and extra pun-ny.
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Communicating Policy

L2 Alex Roebuck provides a comprehensive primer for understanding and applying the often-misunderstood CPV.
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Running the Deck Check Team

Rounding out team leading knowledge, L3 David de la Iglesia, L3 Jeremie Granat, and L2 Rick Salamin provide insight into handling the Deck Check team.
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Getting Accepted: Advice for Applying to Large Events

L2 Gregory Schwartz shares tips for improving your application to that next big event.
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Modern Rules Problems – Split Cards

L2 Nathan Long provides a Modern primer for split cards old & new.
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The Pod People

L3 Adam Cetnerowski shares a trick for sorting decklists by draft pods.
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Judges as Translators

L2 Jack Doyles discusses how to improve calls that require an intermediate judge to translate.
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Judge Forums: Judging from the Present to the Future

L2 Peter Richmond discusses the evolution of attitude and etiquette in making Judge Forum communication meaningful.
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