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GP Warsaw Judge Conference – Organizers’ Notes
Judge Forums: Judging from the Present to the Future
Level 2 Frequently Asked Questions
Organize Judge Gatherings in Your Community
Cultivating Your Community
Community Development for Judges
International Travel Tips

Work & Run a Tournament

Head Judge O-pun-ing Announcements
Getting Accepted: Advice for Applying to Large Events
Writing Effective Cover Letters
Running the Deck Check Team
Running the Paper Team
Running the Logistics Team
The Pod People
Judges as Translators
How to HJ your first Side Events at a GP
Judging your first Competitive event
Grand Prix Ghent – Organizing Last Chance Trials
Grand Prix – Handling Player Registration Issues
New Year’s Advice for GP Judges
Head Judging a GPT
Head Judging a PPTQ
Murphy’s Tournament
Competitive Scorekeeping with WER
PPTQs – What to Expect
Wear // Tear at Events
Keeping Floor Coverage Active and Player-Focused
2HG – Creating a Fun Experience for Everyone
The Australian Deck Check Technique
Using Trello as a GP Public Event Manager (PEM)
PPTQs: Head Judge Communication
Grand Prix Judge Selection
Judging in Japan (and Other Foreign GPs)
Public Event Management – Part 1: Preparing the Judges
Public Event Management – Part 2: Preparing your Management Tools

Education & Development

Judging for Local Game Stores
Customer Service
Authority, Command & Leadership
How to Teach the Layers
Dealing With Your Own Fail
Reviewing up – Why is it so hard?
What’s a Level 3 – Pierre Laquerre
When Judges are Playing, not Judging
Why Do Judges Exist?
Tournament Reports as Tournament Essays
Dealing with Difficult Players
Investigations – The Search for Collateral Truths  (Part 1 of 3)
Investigations – The Search for Collateral Truths (Part 2 of 3)
Investigations – The Search for Collateral Truths (Part 3 of 3)
Investigations – Counting Cards
Reviewing for Advancement: The Self-Review
Shortcut it Out
The New Road to Level 3 – Qualities and Checklists
The New Road to Level 3 – The Pre-Event Interview
A Guide to L1 Post-test Interviews
Working with Unfamiliar Stores
Strategic Feedbacking: Timing Matters
Writing L2 Recommendations
Owning Your Mistakes
Body Language in a Ruling
Body Language of a Leader


Rules & Regulations

Backing Up to the Future
Backups – Embracing the Rewind
Communicating Policy
Enter the Arena
Blood Moon in a Modern Environment
Modern Rules Problems – Anafenza the Foremost
Modern Rules Problems – Act on Impulse
Modern Rules Problems – Going Through Modern Masters 2015
Modern Rules Problems – Madness
Modern Rules Problems – Snapcaster Mage
Modern Rules Problems – Spell Queller
Modern Rules Problems – Spellskite
Modern Rules Problems – Split Cards
Modern Rules Problems – Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle
Morph Rules Problems – Face-down in a Face-up World
Slow Play
Failure to Reveal – Kevin Binswanger (Now GPE: GRV- Game Loss)
Game Rule Violation – Claire Dupré
Improper Drawing at the Start of the Game – Jens Strohaeker
Tardiness – Kevin Desprez
Handling Player Miscommunication – Jeremie Granat (Now TE: CPV)
Handling Multiple Infractions
IPG Upgrades – Ron Thompson
Missing Cards: When Infractions College – Joe Klopchic