Magical Ghent

Dear Magic-enthusiast!

As you may or may not know, the beautiful city of Ghent is our host for two big Magic: the Gathering events in the near future. CardMarket Series Ghent in April and Magic Fest Ghent in September.
Now, most tourists who want to see a historic city center in Belgium go to Bruges. However, in the author’s subjective opinion, Ghent is the more awesome destination of the two.
To convince you of this here is a small guide of Ghent written by Anouk Burny. It’s not all of Ghent, that would be five books with twelve appendices. This guide is based on one form of transportation, which is tram line 1. CMS Ghent will take place in Flanders Expo, which is the start of tram line 1, the tram also passes the main station of Ghent (Gent Sint-Pieters) and goes further into the old city center. This makes it the ideal line to guide you through Ghent.
The focus lies mostly on good food and drinks, but there’s also a little culture and some information that might come in handy.

Have a nice trip!

Download: A judge’s guide to Ghent