Meet the new RC: Niels Viaene

Since the beginning of October, the BeNeLux region has a new Regional Coordinator: . We took a moment to ask him some questions about himself and the region.  For the people who don’t know you very well, let’s start off with the basics. Describe yourself in a couple of sentences. I am a level 3 judge that currently lives in Ghent, in Belgium. I have lived in Germany and the Netherlands when I was young. I became a judge in 2007, played competitively in 2009 and 2010, then started taking

Exemplar Wave 13

Hello everybody and welcome to the Benelux Blog, where we are once again putting a couple of Exemplar recognitions in the spotlight, this time for Exemplar Wave 13! We’ve chosen five entries that we would like to share with you and asked the recognized judges to enlighten us a bit more about what was going on. We decided to start off with a very practical one, in this case, a recognition from for : I was impressed by the 'be the judge' posters you brought along during the last local pptq.


JudgeApps Notification Settings

If you are interested in Judge Conferences, Judge Dinners and/or Competitive events, you should configure your notification settings on JudgeApps, because you won’t be notified about any events by default. To do so, log in on JudgeApps, go to Notifications and then Change your notification settings. The first part of the page is set up correctly already, most importantly receiving email for New Event Created. No need to touch this for now. Scroll down to Event Notification Settings

Exemplar Wave 12

Welcome to the Benelux Blog, where today we bring you another Exemplar Recognition Spotlight, this time for Wave 12! As usual we had the honour of sifting through the recognitions that were given to the many judges in our region, and we’ll highlight a couple of the ones we wanted to give some extra attention in this article. For our first spotlight, we looked at a recognition that was handed to by another of our judges, : It was impressive seeing how quickly and easily you integrated

Exemplar Wave 11

Hello everyone! Once again we’re here to bring you some highlights from the latest Exemplar wave! We’ve had a talk with the recipients of 5 nominations in order to learn how we, too, can find ways to improve ourselves and the community. For starters there's this recognition to , given by : This recognition is for your ability to vocalize thing I find very hard to put in words and for giving very structured explanations for why we do things the way we do. You make discussions a lot

Area Captains, Article

10 ways to improve as a Judge

The idea for this article has been stirring in my mind for quite some time now. As an active member of the BeNeLux community and an Area Captain I frequent a lot of stores and tournaments; places that contain a lot of amazing Magic Judges. Observing and interacting with all of you helped me notice some patterns of behaviour. Written from my own perspective, I have 10 small tips that could help you improve. 1. Write that review Reviews are a fundamental part of the Judge program. When you write

Exemplar Wave 10

Hello everyone! Once again we’re here to bring you some gems from this summer’s Exemplar wave! We’ll go over five recognitions that caught our attention, and had a talk with the recipients in order to learn how we, too, can find ways to improve ourselves and the community. To get our article started, we present you a recognition to Toby Hazes, given by Alex De Bruijne: During the preparation of the BeNeLux conference you had feedback on every seminar topic as it was posted. Without