Conference report: Benelux 1 day conference – Tilburg – 23/06/2019

by Our region has 10+ (mini) conferences each year, and because we are quite small geographically, they have a higher purpose than education and practice alone. They are the social glue that keeps us together and united, despite the fact that we speak so many languages, and experience cultural differences from time to time. My preparation for this conference was certainly not optimal, to say the least. I was not selected to present a topic which I found a bit sad but got to participate

Exemplar Wave 16

Welcome, and thanks for joining us at the Benelux Blog, where once again we will be putting the spotlight on some of the many sights of exemplary behaviour that were shown by judges from our region. We missed the last wave, because of "cough" reasons, but we will try to make up for it with this one: We will start with a recognition that was given to by our very own : You have been presenting a couple of seminars for the last two mini-conferences. These seminars are of outstanding quality.

Magical Ghent

Dear Magic-enthusiast! As you may or may not know, the beautiful city of Ghent is our host for two big Magic: the Gathering events in the near future. CardMarket Series Ghent in April and Magic Fest Ghent in September. Now, most tourists who want to see a historic city center in Belgium go to Bruges. However, in the author's subjective opinion, Ghent is the more awesome destination of the two. To convince you of this here is a small guide of Ghent written by . It’s not all of Ghent, that would

Benelux Leadership Update

What does it mean to be a leader? Well, definitions, semantics and philosophy aside, in the BeNeLux it means you are an L3 or have been appointed as ‘Leadership’ because you took on a particular responsibility. That responsibility was being an Area Captain up until now, where people would reign supreme over a part of the region the size of 2-5 provinces. When the call came for Area Captain applications it became clear that we would be running into a few problems. One was that the state of development

Meet the new RC: Niels Viaene

Since the beginning of October, the BeNeLux region has a new Regional Coordinator: . We took a moment to ask him some questions about himself and the region.  For the people who don’t know you very well, let’s start off with the basics. Describe yourself in a couple of sentences. I am a level 3 judge that currently lives in Ghent, in Belgium. I have lived in Germany and the Netherlands when I was young. I became a judge in 2007, played competitively in 2009 and 2010, then started taking


JudgeApps Notification Settings

If you are interested in Judge Conferences, Judge Dinners and/or Competitive events, you should configure your notification settings on JudgeApps, because you won’t be notified about any events by default. To do so, log in on JudgeApps, go to Notifications and then Change your notification settings. The first part of the page is set up correctly already, most importantly receiving email for New Event Created. No need to touch this for now. Scroll down to Event Notification Settings

Exemplar Wave 10

Hello everyone! Once again we’re here to bring you some gems from this summer’s Exemplar wave! We’ll go over five recognitions that caught our attention, and had a talk with the recipients in order to learn how we, too, can find ways to improve ourselves and the community. To get our article started, we present you a recognition to Toby Hazes, given by Alex De Bruijne: During the preparation of the BeNeLux conference you had feedback on every seminar topic as it was posted. Without

Head judging a PPTQ as a level 1

Event: PPTQ Amsterdam, Spelletjescafé 2 Klaveren, 31 July 2017 HJ: Michel Degenhardt HJ-in-training: Alex de Blécourt FJ/SK: Jan-Jaap Vermeire Format: Modern Size: 58 players (over 2 floors) Head judging a PPTQ as a level 1 for training purposes is a practice that isn't seen very often and may prove a worthy teaching tool towards taking the final steps on the road to level 2. In this report I will focus on the preparations we made and the lessons I learned, hopefully giving others some

Exemplar Wave 9

As we have done for the last couple of Exemplar Waves, we took a look at some of the many interesting recognitions we had in our region this time, to put them in the spotlight, and to dig just that little bit deeper in the how and why of the actions that led to them. We’ve chosen 4 Recognitions from Wave 9 that we would like to share with you, and will give the nominees the chance to elaborate on them. Let’s get things started with a recognition that was given to Floris De Baerdemaeker