2017 L2 End-of-Year Maintenace

Jon Goud  Regional Coordinator

Jon Goud
Regional Coordinator

Hey everyone – it’s that time again!

For those of you that are L2, and looking to maintain your judge level for 2018 please take a few minutes to fill out the following form:


Visions of Beyond The maintenance requirements can be found on the official blog here: https://blogs.magicjudges.org/o/judge-levels/#level-2

Also – we’ve got some fun stuff on this one, with the permission from Louis Fernandez and Steven Zwanger I’ve borrowed some (and made up some) questions to test your understanding of recent sets and policy changes from 2018. NOTE: There is no passing score, and this is not a maintenance requirement for L2 in 2018!

Think of this as a helpful ‘self-diagnostic’ test so you can see how well you’ve been keeping up with all of the changes this year.

Deadline to have this form filled out and all of the requirements satisfied will be the end of the calendar year (Dec 31) – please reach out to me if you think you’re going to have trouble meeting them but still wish to maintain L2 and we will come up with some sort of plan.

Thanks everyone!


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