All Aboard the Hype Train – Hype Team Applications are OPEN

Good Morning, Canada! 2017 was a roller coaster year for judges–especially Canadian judges–but the Hype Train TM is here to give us a smooth ride into 2018. Running on a good-vibes-only engine, the Hype Train brings together the combined efforts of a number of judges and projects to show the world what Canadian judges have got. I’ll be your conductor and Head Judge for this trip as we go coast to coast, full steam ahead.

The Hype Team has one major function: to bring Canadian judges together. To bond us across our expansive region, we’re bringing the hype via four teams, which will be comprised of judges from as many provinces and territories as possible. Team descriptions are below.

Coverage – Lead: (TBA)

The Coverage team should have their finger on the pulse of Magic, the Judge Program, and the Canadian Judge Family. They’ll be heading up a number of social media platforms to ensure that the whole world watches as we claim territory, event after event, in the name of our illustrious RC. They’ll be producing video and photo media at various events to track the adventures of our judges, while also making sure that our community is informed and up-to-date on the latest Magic news.

Logistics – Lead: (TBA)

The Logistics team is responsible for designing and distributing gear. Some infrastructure already exists and will be in place to support the team. Apparel, notebooks, and the like fall onto this team’s dashing shoulders. Depending on chosen methods of distribution, team members will be bringing (and sending) the hype to the judges in our region. If you’ve got design skills, or a mind for managing the means of production and fulfillment, this team’s for you!

Breaks – Lead: (TBA)

The Breaks team is responsible for getting judges off their feet. That means they’re handling all things non-Magic (and probably a few things Magic) It can be lonely up here in the north, so you’ll be the ones keeping folks’ hearts warm. We’re looking for the logistically minded to lead up this team and the energetic to support it, bringing excitement to regions in Canada both remote and metropolitan.

Paper – Current Lead: Mike Gyssels; 2018 Lead TBA

Hey, look, you’re here! That’s right: the Paper team will be taking on the blog project. That means Eh-xemplars, events, year-end maintenance, GP travel guides, and conference coverage are all in your domain. Don’t let the name fool you: skills with various forms of media are an asset and we’ll be looking for this team to coordinate closely with Coverage to cover Canadian content with consistency, comprehension, and tact.

So, are you ready to show us how you bring the hype?

All aboard! Applications are open through February 3rd. Leads will be selected on a rolling basis, so apply soon if you’re interested!

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